VDMA Eindhoven

"First life, then places, then buildings - the other way around never works". This vision of Jan Gehl has been an important starting point for the VDMA plan, on which Flux has been working on behalf of Synchroon and in collaboration with Cobe, Arup and Skonk. The aim was to create a pleasant, green area of the city where everyone feels at home and ‘where local meets global’.

In VDMA we add next to the Eindhoven layer and the collection of towers, a third element: the Eindhoven Network. A green network consisting of two enclosed public squares and an accessible roof landscape. The Eindhoven Network is an important addition to the urban fabric of Eindhoven and gives an extra dimension to the city, where biodiversity, tranquility and dynamics come together. The two squares, the Luciferplein and the Bomenplein, both have their own identity. The Luciferplein is an active and urban square, where the change in dynamics is characteristic. The old frame of the Lucifer factory remains on the square like a relict and gets a new use. The Bomenplein is like a green oasis in the city and has qualities that are still scarce in the center of Eindhoven. The gardens on the roof landscape are accessible by a public route of wooden stairs and bridges. The content of the gardens all contribute to climate, ecology or food production.

Eindhoven, commissioned by Synchroon, i.c.w. COBE Architects, Arup, yoreM Verovert Online!, Skonk, De Wijde Blik Communicatie, Horeca Development B.V., bbn adviseurs, George&Harrison, landscape architecture, climate proof city, urban transformation, public space design, healthy city, circular city, competition, Flux landscape architecture, 2019