Cities needed in research Stadsflora

Flux is working on the design research Stadsflora: a study into future-proof planting plans in the city. Due to climate change cities are getting warmer and wetter, while at the same time biodiversity is declining. Dutch cities will have to be better prepared by greening up. Flux sees the need for a radically different way of dealing with planting in the city, with planting plans that better accommodate these changing conditions. How can planting be robust and future-proof? What does a natural approach to urban planting look like and what are the design principles for this? How does planting contribute to combating heat stress, capturing rainwater and improving biodiversity?

For the development of a number of design cases, Flux is looking for Dutch cities to cooperate with. Breda, Nijmegen, Eindhoven and The Hague have now joined the design research.

Are you interested and would you also like to submit a case? Contact us at 

Green vision Steenwijkerland

Flux has been commissioned to develop a green vision for the Steenwijkerland municipality. In the coming months, Flux will research and visualise how greenery can be used to make Steenwijkerland more biodiverse, climate-proof and healthy. A wealth of landscape types is central to this.

Commissioned by Steenwijkerland municipality

Binckmarkt Den Haag

Last Wednesday 22 May was the Binckmarkt. An inspiring event with an extensive and interactive afternoon and evening programme; with cycling, walking and boat tours, plenary presentations, breakout rooms and a general information market.

The Binckmarkt was a great way to participate about the area vision Flux is working on, together with BURAStadkwadraat BVDe Mannen van SchuimPartnersRO and APPM Management Consultants. Commissioned by Gemeente Den Haag.

Photo: APPM

Lecture Delfland Zoet-Zout TU Delft

On 14 June, Bram Willemse of Flux will present the results of the Delfland Fresh-Salt design research. The research examined how to deal with salination and how to work towards a climate-proof water board in 2100. In three appealing future perspectives, different schools of thought were elaborated, each with a different relationship between fresh and salt water, a different water system and a different land use. In collaboration with ZUS.

The ReDesigning Deltas-Collective is a community of practice that builds knowledge, experience and transferal to new generations and internationally by participating in projects and debate. The aim is to influence the future of deltas, the Netherlands particularly, with the building of a debated design approach and transfer this to policy, new generations and also internationally.

Interested in the lecture? Attend for free at the TU Delft's Berlage Hall.

Date: 14th of June
Time: 15 - 17 hours
Location: TU Delft
Language: English
Free entrance

​Flux is looking for interns

Flux is looking for interns per September 2024! 

Film development perspective De Peel

A film explaining the vision for the NOVEX De Peel project was made. Bram Willemse, project manager and urban designer at Flux, talks about the history and origins of the landscape and how the vision builds on this. It aims at a Peel transforming from a monofunctional production landscape to a rich palette of attractive landscapes, where climate-robust land use is based on local soil conditions.
This project is commissioned by the national government, 2 provinces, 2 water boards, 17 municipalities and in cooperation with Royal HaskoningDHV. 

Watch the film here

Klaprozenweg Amsterdam

Flux received the commission for the design of a courtyard in the Klaprozenbuurt in Amsterdam. Commissioned by Bun ontwikkeling and in collaboration with INBO and Rene van Zuuk architects.

Design research Zuid-Kennemerland

Flux has been commissioned to research the future of Zuid-Kennemerland. In the inner dune of Zuid-Kennemerland many challenges come together: There is a need for more nature, more recreational opportunities, more housing and space for agriculture. At the same time, climate extremes are disrupting the water system and the area has to contend with both drought and flooding.
In collaboration with APPM, Flux is researching how to ensure that this special area is future-proofed, that it offers space for people and nature and that it can retain its current qualities. Commissioned by the Provincie Noord-Holland.

Image: current situation Zuid-Kennemerland

Flux on exhibition 'Waterpressure' Hamburg

Water – whether too much or too little, clean or unsafe – is one of the most pressing human preoccupations. Already, 40% of the world’s population is affected by water scarcity and, with human-induced climate change, this is getting much worse.

"Water Pressure: Designing for the Future" is an exhibition by  MK&G Hamburg and Jane Withers Studio. The exhibition looks at the water crisis from a global perspective, displaying ideas and proposals that illuminate the potential for shaping a radically different future.
Flux is participating in the exhibition with the project The Edible Wadden Coast: a design research on the Wadden coast, exploring a flexible attitude, moving with the dynamics and diversity of the landscape in relation to our food supply.

Curious about the exhibition? You can visit it until October 13 at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.