Flux designs phonebooth

Flux designed a phonebooth, to give the online meetings an easy and quiet space in the office. The wooden phonebooth is completely isolated and contains a comfortable bench and desk. The phonebooth is also demountable to move, equipped with planting on top and a display wall on the outside for projectbooks! In collaboration with Lukas Appel.

Flux is working on the design research ‘After Corona’

Commissioned by the Province of South-Holland, Flux is working on the design research ‘After Corona’. Flux researches the changes in use of our outdoor space at the time of a pandemic and how this can lead towards an improved design in the future. In collaboration with and commissioned by the Provincial Advisor Spatial Quality (PARK) Noël van Dooren. Parallel to this and within the same project, Urhahn is working on a design research into the changing relation between home and work. The results of both studies are expected in the end of 2021.

Provincie Zuid Holland

PARK - Noël van Dooren


Photo: ANP

The first case study Holtland about new production forests has been completed

Flux has completed the first case study of the project Holtland, commissioned by Synchroon. In the case study, Flux is focusing on how developers and builders can depend on their own wood supply, by planting new forests. The demand for wood will increase and a lot of wood is, at the moment, imported from abroad. The project proposes a transition strategy for wood construction with  several matching spatial plans for the development of new production forests. Several new types of forest, which seem promising to provide for wood on short-term for housing, come forward. The forest-types are the ‘stikstofbos’ (the nitrogen-forest), as a border for nature reserves. A ‘dorpsbos’ (village-forest), on released agricultural grounds around villages with opportunities to build housing and the ‘saneringsbos’ (remediation-forest), with which contaminated lands can be cleaned. These forests contribute, next to the production of wood, to multiple challenges each time. For example, they contribute to increase biodiversity, to store CO2, to purify contaminated land and to improve the urban/countryside connection. The project aims to inspire companies in the building sector.

The case study is part of the project Holtland, a design research into new forms of forests in the Netherlands. Flux sees a high abstraction level in existing researches about forest, without a deeper insight. Therefore, Flux believes that the research into planting forests in the Netherlands is crucial, with focus on diverse forest types, in a strong relation with both current challenges in the Netherlands and a concrete spatial development. The design research consists in three parts: the forest book with forests of the future, several case studies and an alternative forest vision for the Netherlands.
Four case studies have been set up with concrete locations. The stakeholders are: The Province of Utrecht, WWF, Synchroon and Staatsbosbeheer. The project has been financed by Stimuleringsfonds with co-financing of several parties. The focus group for the research exists of Berno strootman (National Advisor Landscape, engaged in the forest strategy of LNV), Kees Hendriks (researcher into forest of Alterra Wageningen) and Martijn Boosten (researcher and advisor at foundation Probos).

The results of the Casestudy Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the river forests research together with WWF are expected to be published at the end of 2021.

Forests for building

Publication Forests for Building

Commissioned by Synchroon

Flux is working on ‘forgotten objects’ in the Wadden region

Commissioned by Programme towards a Rich Wadden Sea (Programma Rijke Waddenzee), Flux is working on a design research about the potential of a number of forgotten buildings and objects in the Wadden region. A survey was conducted to take stock of the objects. The list that emerged contains a drilling rig, an abandoned hotel and large parking lots along the Waddencoast. Flux was asked to design the potential of a number of these objects, in the longer term, fitting within the ambitions of the world Heritage Site.

Programme towards a Rich Wadden Sea (Programma Rijke Waddenzee)

What do you sea?

Photo: Programma naar een Rijke Waddenzee

Exhibition Sponsland starts: A travel through the Groninger landscape in 2100 with Flux

Visit the exhibition Sponsland from now until the end of December. Parts of the exhibition are to be seen on different locations in the North of the Netherlands. Earlier this year, during the Climate Adaptation Week Groningen, the designs of nine landscapearchitects from the Netherlands and abroad have been presented, including the design research of Flux into the Edible Waddencoast. Now that the exhibition is opened, the travel to a climate adaptive Groningen can continue!

Read more about the exhibition and where to find it here:

Start of the exhibition Sponsland

Online exhibition

Edible Waddencoast

Flux excursion in Belgium

Flux has been on excursion to Belgium. Antwerp, Gent and Leuven have been visited and some more places close by. The team has had a tour by the office OMGEVING through their project Buurtpark De Porre in Gent. Also Park Spoor Noord in Antwerp and the Herbert Hooversquare and citywall in Leuven by Flux, were part of the excursion program. We visited beautiful places and projects, which gave us lots inspiration for our projects.

Buurtpark De Porre Gent

Herbert Hooverplein Leuven (foto's)

Park spoor Noord

Team Ballast Nedam wins tender Sluisbuurt: Horizons

Commissioned by Ballast Nedam and in collaboration with Paul de Ruiter architects, Flux won the tender 5C2 in Sluisbuurt Amsterdam. This nature-inclusive building shows how people and nature can live together in harmony and creates new opportunities for forming natural cycles. These opportunities are exploited by offering maximum space for flora and fauna at ground level, collective roofs, facades and balconies. Purposefully designed positions of shelter and nesting areas are inextricably linked to the food supply for the target species. In this way, Horizons is aligned with existing natural values ​​and stimulates new diversity in the environment. In collaboration with Gemeente AmsterdamAlba ConceptsBuro Loo B.V.Pieters BouwtechniekWAXCConcept DesignOneGo en Vogelbescherming Nederland

For more information, take a look at Horizons


Flux selected for the ARC21 Urbanism Award

Flux has been selected for the longlist of the ARC21 Urbanism Award with the project Park Laagraven. The ARC Urbanism Award will reward urban- and spatial plans that distinguish themselves in quality and innovation. A search for plans that anticipate in the most important issues of our time: population growth, housing shortage and social inequality and also environmental problems and climate change.

The selected project Park Laagraven, has been developed in collaboration with the TU Delft and is about the area between Nieuwegein, Houten and Utrecht. This area is threatend to be designated as a housing location in the future. Flux has come up with an alternative plan, in which the potential of this area as a landscape park and green area for the Utrecht metropolitan region is fully utilized. Park Laagraven offers a new approach to landscapes in a context of the increasing urbanization in the Province of Utrecht. Commissioned by the provincial advisor Paul Roncken and in collaboration with the TU Delft.

The winners of the ARC21 awards will be announced on the 18th of November 2021, through a live event.

Would you like to know more? Take a look at Park Laagraven

De Architect

Flux wins tender Leidscherijn BLOEI 030

Commissioned by HeijmansMitros and Wonam and in collaboration with Geurst & Schulze architectenMonadnock and BureauVanEig, Flux has won the tender BLOEI 030 in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht. BLOEI 030 is a new green, urban living concept in Leidsche Rijn centrum Oost, with great emphasis for meeting and collectivity. Positioned at the Berlin square, BLOEI 030 is an important addition for Leidsche Rijn, with it’s urban program. At the inside of the residential blocks is a green quality, which lies in the lee of the city. This green quality is takes shape in the form of three courtyards, each with an own atmosphere and identity, with a strong collective character. 

Renders have been made by Wax

Interested? Take a look at project BLOEI 030

Flux on excursion in Utrecht

Flux went on excursion in Utrecht. The team has looked at several projects like the allotment gardens of the Hoge Weide, the surrounding of the Dafne Schippersbrug and the Maximapark. Lots of design inspiration for new projects!​