Wateratlas Zuid-Holland

Zuid-Holland always had a strong relationship with water. The regional watersystem is integrated in the province and has a strong impact on the image and use of the landscape. The current watersystem of Zuid-Holland evolved gradually over time and its appearance is strongly linked with the different landscapes, that each have their own characteristics.

This relationship between water and landscape ask for an integrated approach, since the existing watersystem offers a lot of opportunities. Water can enhance the usage and experience of landscapes and makes Zuid-Holland more robust and resilient. The Wateratlas collects all the existing information and presents this in a clear and visual appealing way. By combining different layers of information new relationships and information can be revealed. By doing this, challenges and potentials of the watersystem can be adressed. This gradually changes the scope and connects short-term with long-term developments. The consistency between different watersystems and the organization are the challenges in which the Province of Zuid-Holland plays a key role. The wateratlas is one of the tools which enables Zuid-Holland to develop a the right strategy for the regional watersystem.

Zuid-Holland, research, cartography, commissioned by Provinciaal Adviseur Ruimtelijke Kwaliteit Zuid-Holland PARK, landscape architecture, water, waterstorage, atlas, Flux landscape architecture, Utrecht, 2017