Grebbedijk Wageningen

The Grebbedijk needs to be improved in the context of the HWBP. The 5.5 km long Grebbedijk runs between Wageningen and Rhenen and protects the Gelderse Vallei against high water from the Lower Rhine. The Vallei and Veluwe Water Board (WSVV) wants to shape this dike reinforcement task together with the environmental partners (Rijkswaterstaat, Staatsbosbeheer, Utrecht and Gelderland provinces, Wageningen municipality). By linking the various parties to the dyke reinforcement task, opportunities for area development are created. This process runs from the exploration in 2017 to the realization in 2023.

An important question in this regard is: How can the dyke reinforcement task be set up in such a way that water safety is guaranteed and water awareness is created, a spatially appropriate intervention is carried out and at the same time maximum linking opportunities are created with area-specific themes?

To be able to answer this question, the area partners go through a process in which different solution directions are developed for the area. The solution directions explicitly differ in concept and scope. Some solutions focus primarily on flood risk management and on the dyke, while others start with a vision of a larger area in which the Grebbedijk will have a place. The solution directions are refined into three promising alternatives and ultimately into a preferred alternative.

Wageningen, commissioned by Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe (WSVV), i.c.w. ingenieursbureau Lievense, Fugro, Rijkswaterstaat, Staatsbosbeheer, Provincie Utrecht, Provincie Gelderland en Gemeente Wageningen, landscape architecture, dike reinforcement, nature development, design research, 2017-2019