Hof van Cartesius Utrecht

In 2017, the ‘Hof van Cartesius’ will open in the Werkspoorkwartier in Utrecht: a new, green workplace where creative, sustainable entrepreneurs will build their own workspace around a public courtyard. The ‘Hof van Cartesius’ consists of flexible pavilions around a collective courtyard. A wild garden that is used for meeting and urban agriculture. More courtyards will be created as the project grows. The pavilions are completely transparent on the garden side, so that you can work, facing towards the garden. This makes the work process of the maker visible.

Gerwin de Vries is the initiator of the ‘Hof van Cartesius’ and developed the concept together with Charlotte Ernst in 2014. The proposal won the competition from the Municipality of Utrecht for new initiatives in the Werkspoorkwartier. The project is now under construction and will be developed organically in collaboration with RHAW architecture, Charlotte Ernst and the Municipality of Utrecht.

We are experimenting with circular techniques and we let small entrepreneurs finish their workplace themselves with recycled and green building materials. We are going to sustainalize energy, waste and a collective garden. In the meeting pavilion you can experience how you work on a circular world, and you can also rent a workplace yourself. There is exhibition space for progressive initiatives and sustainable innovations. There will be a Makerspace where you can make products from residual materials and a Living Lab where students and entrepreneurs conduct research into circular construction and life.

For more info see http://hofvancartesius.nl/

The ‘Hof van Cartesius’  is made possible by a large number of partners. Main partners are Overvecht Vastgoed, OverMorgen and the Municipality of Utrecht.

The design of the ‘Hof van Cartesius’ is by architect and urban designer Charlotte Ernst and landscape architect Gerwin de Vries (Flux Landscape Architecture). RHAW Architecture is responsible for the design of the pavilions. A large part of the circular materials that we have used in the construction of the Hof come from ‘Gebruikte Bouwmaterialen’. Foto Rhaw

The ‘Hof van Cartesius’ is a partner of Cirkelstad and collaborates with the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht Sustainability Institute, Eneco and Erfgoed Werkspoor Utrecht on a creative circular Werkspoorkwartier.