Vision of the Noordoostpolder

The Noordoostpolder, a monument of reconstruction, is in need of reflection due to new challenges in agriculture, such as expansion of scale and chain extension. Are these trends a danger or an opportunity for the Noordoostpolder? In this design research, Flux examined what the Noordoostpolder needs, in order to accommodate these changes and what that means for values like quality of life, cultural history, accessibility, biodiversity, utility value, amenity value and climate.


Based on the analysis and diagnosis of the framework, three models for the future of the Noordoostpolder were drawn up. The three models are not rigid choices, but images that should provoke discussion. With the models the extremes were explored, on how the polder could develop in the future. The models were drawn up on basic variables: preservation vs. development and freedom vs. control. This resulted in the following models:

Model 1: Agromonument

Preserve and enhance the reconstruction monument. The landscape is marketed under the brand Noordoostpolder, with little freedom in expanding the farms or applying agroforestry.

Model 2: By pioneering

Freedom in development, with room for a wide range of farmyards and different forms of agriculture. Free development can put pressure on the core qualities of the polder, such as openness.

Model 3: New framework

Development of a new framework based on the soil. Open agricultural core areas where the farms can scale up and a closed nature inclusive agricultural zone where there is room for agroforestry.

Design principles

As a result of these three models, Flux drew up 10 design principles for a future-proof Noordoostpolder. The design principles are not a straightforward elaboration of one of the models but contain elements of all the models. The design principles provide an insight into how the Noordoostpolder can develop at different scales: from the main outlines at the scale of the entire polder to design principles at the farmyard level. In drawing up the design principles, in addition to striving for a basic quality of landscape, a certain maneuverability was assumed that fits in with the faster, unforeseen economic developments.

Noordoostpolder, Flevoland, commissioned by the Province of Flevoland and the municipality of Noordoostpolder, design research Flux landscape architecture, 2022