We are facing a tough housing challenge in the Netherlands. If this cannot be absorbed within the urban areas, we have to look further afield and use the peripheral areas as well. At the initiative of Flux, this research project was started about two years ago and subsequently carried out on behalf of Synchroon.

This project proposes to create 15 new landscape parks on the edges of several Dutch cities, where clutter and fragmentation is a risk. The landscape parks can play a crucial role in major landscape tasks such as water storage, food production and increasing biodiversity. At the same time, they can create new recreational routes between city and countryside and offer opportunities for medium-density housing on the edges of the city. The concept thus answers both landscape challenges and the demand for new housing in the Netherlands. The concept transcends the scale of landowners or municipalities and thus calls for new regional coalitions.

Would you like to know more about this project? Please take a look at Gangen

Netherlands, initiated by Flux landscape architecture, commissioned by Synchroon and carried out in collaboration with &bogdan, Stadkwadraat and the advisory board of Sylvia Karres, Paul Roncken and Co Verdaas, design research, landscape design, new nature, Flux landscape architecture, 2023