Coolbase Rotterdam

The Coolbase area is being developed into a green park along the Coolhaven in Rotterdam. The industrial and maritime identity of the area has been translated into a high-quality park design with a raw character. A recognizable structure of paths that guides the visitor through the publicly accessible area. The striking green space will have enough space for people and nature. The park offers space for existing and new functions and will be activated at different times of the day by a lively mix of programs. The beautiful monuments, the location along the harbor and the current program already mad this area a known location in Rotterdam. With the development of Coolbase, we want to further strengthen the existing qualities and also give them more space.

from facades to quay the entire plan has been designed as one continuous landscape. The difference in height is seen as an opportunity to give the park a distinctive character. Paths cut through the slope of the landscape and lead to the lounges, staircases and terraces placed at different heights. Through a variety of heights, the design provides a continuous view of the water from different places. The aim is to create a natural and wild atmosphere with transparent trees and a combination of perennials, grasses and a mixture of local herbals. A natural and exuberant green character fits the industrial character of the port area. With the right mixture of herbal vegetation, we closely connect to local flora and fauna. Vegetation full of insects creates a great food source for various urban birds. Shelter and nesting opportunity’s for birds are provided by trees and shrubs, but can also be found in the building as well, which also offers nesting and accommodation places for various bats.

Coolbase Rotterdam, commissioned by FSD Fransje Sprunken Development, i.c.m. VMX Architects