BLOEI 030 Utrecht

BLOEI 030 is a new green, urban living concept in Leidsche Rijn Centrum Oost, with great emphasis for meeting and collectivity. With it’s urban program, BLOEI 030 is an important addition for Leidsche Rijn Positioned at the Berlijnplein. At the inside of the residential blocks is a green quality, which lies in the lee of the city. This green quality is takes shape in the form of three courtyards, each with an own atmosphere and identity, with a strong collective character. 

The climate garden is equipped with plenty of space for greenery, ecology and water storage. Open ground in the courtyard makes a green and natural layout possible. Wadis that can temporarily be filled with rainwater are created in the lowered ground level. Due to a varied planting plan and multiple conditions, the climate garden becomes an ecological hotspot for flora and fauna and works as a green hub between the various green spaces in Leidsche Rijn Centrum. A wide path with long seating edges guides you through the green garden from Berlijnplein to the courtyard between the two residential blocks. The courtyard connects the two building blocks with a square being the bustling center of BLOEI 030. A carpet of pavement marks the square in the middle of the courtyard. Generous seating elements under the trees provide a meeting space for residents and visitors. Through a passage from the courtyard, you enter a lush edible garden full of edible plants. Small hills and slopes create a green landscape on top of the parking garage. Among the flowery plants are various types of edible vegetables, fruit and herbs. As a result, the garden will have a productive function and will be cared for and harvested jointly by the various residents. This encourages meetings and cooperation of the different target groups in the building block. In the middle of the edible garden, a central sunny spot has been created, which is lined with long seating edges, the ideal place to enjoy the sun together with neighbors.

The courtyards offer various options for staying and meeting. There are places to stay for different times of the day and for different social activities. The gardens are visible and accessible from the public space and everyone is welcome to enjoy the quiet, green and lush courtyards. A series of elements in the courtyards invite encounters and will activate the gardens which will also become part of daily walking routs through Leidsche Rijn, making the gardens of BLOEI 030 not only green spaces, but also the heart of the building, which is inextricably linked to life in the building blocks and Leidsche Rijn Centrum.

Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn Centrum, commissioned by Heijmans, Mitros and Wonam i.c.w. Geurst & Schulze architecten, Monadnock, BureauVanEig and LBP Sight, visuals by WAX, competition, circular city, healthy city, climate adaptive city, public space design, densification, Flux landscape architecture, 2020