Bellevue Utrecht

Team Heijmans with NL architects, Workshop architecten and Flux landscape architecture have won the tender for plots F12a and F12b in Leidsche Rijn centre. With the winning plan ‘Bellevue’, Leidsche Rijn will have an ensemble of three components, each with its own character, but definitely forming a whole. In the project, the characteristic height difference is seen as an opportunity to make a distinctive plan.

On the south side of the plan is a green valley, which forms an almost barrier-free transition from the landscape to the housing by the stepped building with its lush roof landscape. By opening the blocks we created a large outdoor space with a series of collective gardens with different identities. In line with the cultural axis and located at the gatehouse, the ‘green balcony’ of Leidsche Rijn comes with a large grass staircase in the slope, a new place to stay with great quality for Leidsche Rijn centre and Utrecht.

Utrecht Leidsche Rijn centre, commissioned by Heijmans, i.c.w. NL architects, Workshop architecten, landscape architecture, climate proof city, healthy city, circular city, competition, Flux landscape architecture, 2019