First Stone Werkspoorpad by alderman Paulus Jansen

The Werkspoorpad is in progress and officially opened by alderman Paulus Jansen! The Werkspoorpad is an initiative and design by Flux landscape architecture and forms a 2,5km walk through the Werkspoorkwartier. The path connects a number of important places, such as station Zuilen, the Werkspoorkathedraal and the Hof of Cartesius. Parking is organized in a different way, which will increase the quality of stay for pedestrians and cyclists. The path is characterized by solid concrete bands with text and distance markings and can be expanded in the future. Commissioned by municipality of Utrecht and in collaboration with Charlotte Ernst. Photo Bob Scherrenberg (Werkspoorkathedraal), Paulus Jansen, Gerwin de Vries (Flux landscape architecture) and Charlotte Ernst.

Werkspoorpad Flux

Municipality of Utrecht

Werkspoorkwartier Circulair Flux

Team Vorm wins competition Oostenburg Amsterdam!

Flux had won the tender Amsterdam Oostenburg kavel  4 and 5 as part of team Vorm, in collaboration with OZ architects, Workshop architects and Beta.  The plan consists of robust harbor blocks  in an interior yard that has an industrial  character. Within the inner yard the pioneer species grow through the pavement of basalt grit and broken concrete slabs.

Op Oostenburg

oostenburg Amsterdam 


OZ architects 

Workshop architects 



Spatial research 'Drechtsdoorsteek'

Flux has been working on a spatial study for a possible recreational water route between the Drecht and the Westeinderplassen in collaboration with APPM, Movares and Decisio. Within the study various variants are presented, including the possible character and the spatial integration of the new route.




New Flux Team Video

Watch the new Flux Team Video here!

Werkspoorpad is being built!

The different elements for the werkspoor path are being fabricated! The elements are part of the new pedestrian routes through the Werkspoorkwartier. Execution expected beginning of 2018. In collaboration with Charlotte Ernst.

Municipality of Utrecht

Flux designs the public space of shopping-centre Overvecht Utrecht

Commissioned by the Municipality of Utrecht, Flux is working on a design for the public space of the NPD strip. The assignment is done following the competition won by Flux as part of team AM in May 2017. Part of the project is to develop design principles for the transformation of the entire shopping-centre Overvecht. 

Flux NPD strook Overvecht 

Municipality of Utrecht 


News item AM  

Flux is selected for a competition of Aquafin Antwerp

Team Dierendonckblancke architecten, Berger&Berger architects and Flux landscape architecture is selected to develop a masterplan for the area of Aquafin in Antwerp. The assignment is part of the selection of Vlaams Bouwmeester. The ambition is to develop the area into a campus that will function as a catalyst for valuable social encounters and exchanging knowledge. 




Welcome to the new website of Flux landscape architecture

The offices LINT Utrecht and LINT Middelburg will both continue as separate offices with their own name from 2018 onwards.

We look back with great pride on a productive collaboration within the beautiful projects of LINT in the past 10 years. The joint vision on landscape architecture will of course continue in our work.

The composition of the design team in Utrecht will remain the same, as will the location and telephone numbers. Messages to LINT mail addresses are automatically forwarded. We hope to welcome you at FLUX!


De vestigingen LINT Utrecht en LINT Middelburg zullen vanaf 2018 beide verder gaan als losse bureaus met een eigen naam. 

We kijken met veel trots terug op een vruchtbare samenwerking in de mooie projecten van LINT in de afgelopen 10 jaar. De gezamenlijke visie op landschapsarchitectuur krijgt vanzelfsprekend vervolg in ons werk. 

De samenstelling van het ontwerpteam in Utrecht zal hetzelfde blijven, net als de locatie en de telefoonnummers. Berichten naar LINT mailadressen worden automatisch doorgestuurd. We hopen u te verwelkomen bij FLUX!