Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht

Flux has made a design for the outdoor space of the Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht. The Werkspoorkathedraal was part of an industrial area where trains and bridges were being made, called the Werkspoorkwartier. In the future, new program like work spaces, restaurants and a space for events are added which will make the Werkspoorkathedraal a vibrant new destination within the city of Utrecht. Flux aims to make a design which is attractive, open and inviting.

Flux's design contains a carpet of paving, vegetation, trees and objects where different events and activities can take place. The carpet prevents the division of the area into separate parts.  The diagonal shapes in the carpet are inspired by the diagonal train tracks in the old floor of the Werkspoorkathedraal. Concrete slabs, basalt split, scorio stones and wild vegetation give the carpet an industrial and rudimental look. All seating and play elements are made of old wooden rail beams and the old railway lines in the area are included within the carpet. They were used for transport and show how the area used to work. Intensively used areas like entrances and concentration of program differ in a subtle way by a refinement in the carpet. The main feature in the plan is a new public space along the old harbor, including a stairs on the water. 

Utrecht, design outdoor space and landscape, commissioned by  Overvecht Vastgoed, i.c.w. Charlotte Ernst Architecture, landscape architecture, public space design, urban design, water storage, ecology, garden design, Flux landscape architecture, Utrecht, 2016