City campus Deventer

In the future, the Kien will be an innovative urban campus where inhabitants of the city, business, education and the creative industry meet, share knowledge and develop joint activities. This happens because urbanisation and the development of public space go hand in hand and reinforce each other. No separate developments, but collaborations to create one recognisable whole: the innovative city campus De Kien! The public space will be maximum green, thus enhancing the living environment for residents, students and employees. De Kien will have an intricate network for strolling, getting lost or simply getting to your desired destination as comfortably as possible. By focusing on various places to recreate: a quiet spot by the water or in the middle of greenery, a nice bench or a busy cycle route or lively city square. The alternation between small and large and quiet or busy places is crucial in this plan.

The design for this public space expresses the identity and innovative urban character of the Kien. The public space of the Kien consists of four categories from large to small: the Singelpark, the Green Network, the Squares and Parks, and Building-related Public Spaces. Each category contributes in its own way to set five ambitions, which form the innovative Kien Campus together. The Singelpark has the largest scale and, together with Rijsterborgherpark and the Harbour, extends far beyond the Kien. The other three categories, contain a total of 14 more types of public space. For each type, the five ambitions apply, but given the functions and the location, the emphasis and the way in which they are fulfilled may be different. The spatial vision for public spaces describes and depicts how the ambitions will be implemented for each typology and which principles are important in this respect.

Deventer, commissioned by the municipality of Deventer, public space, urban transformation, climate proof, mobility, Flux landscape architecture, 2023