Doornpanne Koksijde

The space around the visitors centre De Doornpanne in Koksijde will be transformed into a vibrant and lively area. In and around the visitors centre people will find information about water, water exfiltration, nature development and the dunes.

The site is located on a strategic position in the centre of the dune called De Doornpanne, between the urban area of Oostduinkerke-Bad en Koksijde-Bad. This dune area is characterized by the hills and lower wet parts which are called “Pannen”.

By using this central postion, the visitors centre can function as a hub for the residents of Koksijde and Oostduinkerke. By enhancing the dune character the site will provide a real dune experience with an educational character for visitors and children in particular.

Flux proposes to give the visitors centre a central and visible position on the site by literally extending the dunes to the building. New dunes create a range of spaces in which visitors can experience the dunes in different ways and offers possibilities for different use.

Koksijde, design public space, commissioned by IWVA, icw Bureau Cnockaert, landscape architecture, nature development, water storage, playground, Flux landscape architecture, Utrecht, 2015