Hoogvliet Vista

Hoogvliet Vista is a competition proposal to transform the Panorama hill into an observation platform which faces the surrounding housing, park and industry, while connecting this hill with the park by a new pedestrian network. The hill will be planted with white flowers to enhance the biodiversity of plants and animals.

Two paths provide access to the hill: the big ramp shaped like a zig zag through the vegetation is the shortcut to the top and gives the hill a recognizable face to the neighborhood. A slow and less steep route for wheelchairs curls as a spiral around the hill to the top. These routes merge at the observation platform. Objects like seats and ecological pods for bees and butterflies are places at strategic points along these routes.

From the observation platforms there are stunning views into the park, the district and the harbors. The observation decks can be used in different ways. Different types of birds nests are included into the construction of the platform and the stairway to the platform can be used as benches and place to have a workout.

Rotterdam, design public space, competition , icw LilithRonnerVanHooijdonk, landscape architecture, nature development, playground, Flux landscape architecture, Utrecht, 2015