Hart van Holland

A healthy natural environment for humans and animals, in an economic vital region, that is what the vision ‘’Natuurlijke Leefomgeving Hart van Holland 2040’’ is about. Fourteen municipalities in the west of the 'Groene Hart’ are working together on a vision for ‘Hart van Holland’ to make a regional vision for 2040. Flux Landscape Architecture, together with marco.broekman (urbanism and architecture), have developed a spatial vision for the natural environment in the region of ‘Hart van Holland’. As basis for the spatial vision the teams of Flux and marco.broekman have been working on a widely supported vision where different ambitions, wishes, needs, bottlenecks and assignments in relationship to the landscape, cultural history and biodiversity have been clearly translated to spatial strategies for the region.

Based on an extensive inventory of diverse themes within the vision 'Natuurlijke Leefomgeving', three perspectives have been created: 1. Archipellago, 2. Goed boeren (Farming well) 3. Regiopark (Region park).

These three perspectives have their own focus and elaboration of the discussed themes. During the process these perspectives have been used to open up discussion about complex issues and to create opportunities. The most important conclusions of the perspectives have been combined in an integral vision for the 'Natuurlijke Leefomgeving'. Apart from a vision map of the entire area, three representative locations have been picked and elaborated on to make a translation of the vision into concrete spatial strategies. The vision for the 'Natuurlijke Leefomgeving' will be combined with studies of mobility, energy, and urbanization to make a spatial perspective for the region ‘Hart van Holland’.

Zuid-Holland, commissioned by Hart van Holland (a collaboration of 14 municipalities), i.c.w. marco.broekman, landscape architecture, design research, subsidence, water, new nature, 2019