Growing Grønmo park

The Grønmo site is a former waste treatment located in the city edge of Oslo. The fact that Oslo is one of the only cities in Europe which is still growing, offers the right conditions and opportunities for the site to function as a park in the next decades. The urban fabric is expected to surround the park zone within the next twenty years.

Grønmo park will grow in different stages, making it possible to adapt in a flexible way to circumstances and questions in the future. The first programmatic functions will be mostly related to the waste treatment. In time the park will develop a more intensive and diverse park use.

The site is charachterized by waste. Therefore Flux proposes to use different flows of waste to create a recognizable and unique landscape. A parkloop, made out of granite rubble which is a waste product from building projects in Oslo connects the new park with the surrounding areas. Gas, extracted from the site is used to heat cure baths. Furthermore polluted infiltration water is transported within the parkloop to the lowest point on the site and cleaned in the Water filter park.

Oslo Norway, commissioned by Europan competition, landscape architecture, urban design, park design, energy landscapes, Flux landscape architecture, Utrecht, 2011