Atlas Wieringermeer

The project Nieuw Landschap searches for changes that take place almost unnoticed like decline of population, a changing (agricultural) economy and renewed appreciation for the landscape. This project searches for ways to lead these developments into the right direction.

Flux was asked to make an cartographic inventory to show the challenges for this polder in relation to climate change, agricultural upscaling and the recreational networks. The first step was this atlas to show the structure, construction and layers of the polder. Characteristic elements and the history of the Zuiderzeepolders are shown and clarified.

Specific attention is paid to the relationship with the IJsselmeer. The comparison between the Wieringermeerdijk and the West Frisian Omringdijk shows a.o. that the accessibility of the Wieringermeerdijk is bad and the recreational use is low. The atlas tries to address the right assignments for the Wieringermeerpolder so that it will be ready for future challenges.

Wieringermeerpolder, research, commissioned by Nieuw Landschap (Miranda Reitsma en Urban Synergy), landscape architecture, design research, water storage, Flux landscape architecture, Utrecht, 2013